McLean Playground

Join us for some great fitness family fun, designed for all families and all ages! 


McLean Playground


345 McLean Avenue, Sudbury

Venue Events

Venue Areas

Main Entrance

  • The Main Entrance can be accessed via McLean Street, off Somers – the first street to the east of Lasalle and Notre Dame. Visitors can also access the park from the footpath off Main Street. There is no parking on site. All activities will be held outside in the open field.


  • Group yoga, fitness and salsa will be held in the open field area of the park. Bring your own yoga mat.


  • The Peach Pit will be on site by the fieldhouse with free smoothies for class participants! While quantities last.

Playground Fieldhouse

  • Washroom and kitchen facilities. First aid station and lost child station.

Venue Amenities


  • The park building has limited accessibility.
  • The activity area is a grass field so caution is recommended for people with mobility issues.
  • There is no designated accessible parking, but people with mobility issues can park on-site in front of the fieldhouse.

Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Parking

  • There is limited motor vehicle parking available on site in front of the fieldhouse and these spots should be reserved for those with mobility issues. Motor vehicle parking is available on local side streets. Visitors can bring their bikes in with them to the park. Please bring a lock to lock your bike.

Active Transportation and Transit

  • Visitors are encouraged to bike, walk, or take transit to the event.
  • Transit access is available via the Main Line. Coming from downtown, the closest stop is 6285. See the Schedule and Map.
  • All City of Greater Sudbury buses have bike racks for 2 bikes, and a bicycle may be transported on-board a bus at the driver’s discretion.
  • Some active transportation routes are available in the City for those wanting to bike to the event. See the City’s Recreation Map.

Waste Management – Working Towards Net Zero

  • We want to be environmentally-friendly, so there will be recycling (blue) and composting (green) bins available in select locations in the park. Please help us get as close as possible to a zero waste event by using these bins and ensuring that you deposit your waste items in the correct bins. Signs will be posted, and some locations will have volunteers to help you make the right choice.
  • Volunteers will be sorting the bins after the event as we will be charged a processing fee if any of the bins are contaminated. Please make our job easy by choosing the right bin!
  • Please note that dog waste is not permitted in City garbage bins. Please pick up your dog poop and bring it home for disposal.

Food and Hydration

  • We are serving Smoothies from The Peach Pit.
  • We encourage you to bring your own water bottles. Tap water is available in the park fieldhouse.

First Aid and Security

  • The First Aid Station is located at the playground fieldhouse. A first aid kit is available for minor injuries and a volunteer with First Aid certification is available on site. Please ask a volunteer to call the First Aid responder if you need help. For a serious injury, please call 911 immediately. We do not have a defibrillator on site.
  • Volunteers will be monitoring for any unwanted behaviours. If you need help or to report inappropriate behaviour, please ask a volunteer for assistance.
  • The lost child station is also at the playground fieldhouse.

Other Amenities

  • Washrooms and changing stations are available in the fieldhouse
  • Playground equipment
  • Basketball Court
  • Open Field

Other Information

  • Our venues are all in public access areas. We will be taking photos of the event which may include photos of attendees.