Community Bike Ride

Join us for a 14k bike ride suitable for the whole family!


New Sudbury trails/streets


Meet at Twin Forks Park

1475 Gary Street, Sudbury

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Ride Description


General Ride Details

  • Leave at the Twin Forks parking lot and take some quiet neighbourhood streets to Cambrian College. These are 40 and 50 km/hr neighbourhood streets with low traffic volumes. You are in Ward 8!
  • Ride through Cambrian College and across Barrydowne Road at the signaled intersection to Lillian Boulevard. Lillian is a 50 km/h neighbourhood street with low traffic volumes.
  • Enter the New Sudbury Historical Trail off Lillian, and ride to the Lasalle Boulevard trailhead at the east end of the Lasalle Cemetery. The trail is crusher dust and has a few hills, so leave space between riders in case one rider cannot climb a hill. Shortly before you arrive at Lasalle Boulevard, you are now in Ward 5!
  • Walk a short distance on the sidewalk (it is illegal to ride on sidewalks in Greater Sudbury unless you are a child) to the east entrance of Lasalle Cemetery. Ride on the paved pathways through the Cemetery to the west entrance of Lasalle Cemetery.
  • Walk a short distance on the Lasalle sidewalk to Drummond Avenue, then using quiet neighbourhood streets, ride to Cedar Park. There are a few hills in this area. You are now in Ward 12!
  • Ride through Cedar Park to Lauzon Avenue. Caution going through Cedar Park as the crusher dust paths are bumpy and rutted in some places. You may need to walk your bike on the back hill.
  • Continue on Lauzon and use the signaled crossing at Lasalle Boulevard to Arthur Street which is a 50 km/hr street with low traffic volumes.
  • Ride on Arthur to the Junction Creek Trail trailhead.
  • Use the crusher dust trail to Attlee Avenue which is a fairly busy 50 km/hr street. It has edgelines showing space separated from traffic that can be used by bikes. Caution in merging with traffic at corners with bulb-outs. You are now in Ward 11!
  • Ride on Attlee Avenue to Hawthorne Drive which is a 50 km/hr street with moderate traffic, and edgelines. Use the signaled crossing at Barrydowne Road. You are now in Ward 8!
  • Continue on Hawthorne Drive to Auger Avenue which is a 50 km/hr street with moderate traffic and edgelines. Use the signaled crossing at Lasalle Boulevard to reach the sidewalk on the north side of Lasalle. Lasalle is a very busy high-volume 50 km/hr 4-lane road.
  • Walk your bike on the sidewalk to reach the Junction Creek Trail trailhead, which is a crusher dust trail. 
  • Ride the trail to Madison Avenue. Caution at the Lansing road intersection – Lansing is a fairly busy 50 km/hr road and culvert repairs are in progress at this crossing. 
  • Ride down Madison to Gary Avenue and end the ride at the Twin Forks parking lot.
  • We’ll open the Twin Forks building for a quick washroom or water break before you head home.

What you need to know before the ride

    • This ride is hosted by Bike Sudbury and will be led by an experienced formerly certified CANBIKE instructor.
    • We are riding slowly to take in the beautiful neighbourhoods and scenery along the trails. It’s not a race and we’ll be riding at the pace of the slowest rider. No one gets left behind!
    • We’ll have stops along the way to talk about how to ride safely and how to use the various cycling infrastructure you’ll see along the way. We’ll stop if you want to take photos of a particular spot!
    • All ages are welcome including children, but keep in mind this is a 14 km ride. It should take about 1.5 hours to complete, with stops.
    • Riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and must wear a helmet (it’s Ontario law). We strongly encourage all riders to wear a helmet – protect your head and brain!
    • We’ll have a pre-ride safety talk, and riders will need to sign an attendance/waiver form.
    • Please ensure that your bike is road-worthy. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and that your brakes and gears are working properly – it’s Sudbury, so there will be hills! We’ll have a bicycle pump available but we won’t be doing bike repairs or adjustments. We encourage you to bring a cell phone in case of a breakdown so you can call for a ride. And don’t forget to bring some water and snacks!
    • We may take photos of the event which may include photos of attendees.
    • This ride is on the Bike Sudbury Ride with GPS club page, so you can do it on your own if you can’t join us on ride day:
    • The Bike Sudbury club rides are here:
    • Ride with GPS is an app similar to Strava that allows you to use or download a map for navigating the route. You can create a free RWGPS account, join the Bike Sudbury Club, and you’ll get free Pro features like voice navigation whenever you ride one of the Bike Sudbury rides.

Other Resources

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Find our about Bike Sudbury at: